Brightest Starz: Anthology cd cover


Brightest Starz: Anthology

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Track Listing

  1. (She's Just A) Fallen Angel
  2. Boys In Action
  3. Detroit Girls
  4. Live Wire
  5. Pull The Plug
  6. Cherry Baby
  7. All Night Long
  8. Rock Six Times
  9. Sing It, Shout It
  10. Subway Terror
  11. Violation
  12. X-Ray Spex
  13. Waitin' On You
  14. Hold On To The Night
  15. She
  16. (Any Way That You Want It) I'll Be There
  17. So Young, So Bad
  18. Coliseum Rock


VOCALS: Richie Ranno
GUITAR: Brendan Harkin
Richie Ranno
BASS: Orville Davis
DRUMS: Doug Madick


LABEL: Renaissance
PRODUCED BY: Jack Douglas
Jack Richardson

“The Gods made heavy metal and they saw that it was good. They said to play it louder than Hell, we promised that we would. When losers say it's over with, you know that it's a lie. The Gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die.”