Blackest Sabbath: 1970 - 1987 cd cover

Black Sabbath

Blackest Sabbath: 1970 - 1987

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Track Listing

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Paranoid
  3. Iron Man
  4. Children Of The Grave
  5. Snowblind
  6. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  7. Hole In The Sky
  8. Rock 'N' Roll Doctor
  9. Never Say Die
  10. Lady Evil
  11. Turn Up The Night
  12. The Sing Of The Southern Cross
  13. Heaven And Hell
  14. Children Of The Sea (live)
  15. Digital Bitch
  16. Trashed
  17. 7th Star
  18. Born To Loose
  19. Lost For Ever


VOCALS: Ozzy Osbourne
Ronnie James Dio
Ian Gillan

GUITAR: Tony Iommi
BASS: Geezer Butler
DRUMS: Bill Ward
GUESTS: Glenn Hughes
Tony Martin


LABEL: Vertigo
“All you people can't you see can't you see. How your lives affecting our reality. Everytime we're down you can make it right. That makes you larger than life.”