Perfect Balance cd cover

Balance of Power

Perfect Balance

Easily on par with masterpieces such as Images and Words, Empire and Fates Warning’s Parallels, this cd is destined to be a classic. This is an incredibly talented band that has really hit their full stride and come into their own with this album. The guitar work is jaw dropping. The rhythm section is ridiculously tight. Lionel Hicks plays like a machine. His resemblance to Portnoy’s playing is undeniable. And Lance King has really outdone himself showing a vocal and emotional range beyond what I previously expected from this immensely talented singer. The production is impeccable and the song writing has gone to a level that few bands will ever reach. Buy this cd.--Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. Higher Than the Sun
  2. Shelter Me
  3. Fire Dance
  4. One Voice
  5. The Pleasure Room
  6. Killer or the Cure
  7. House of Cain
  8. Hard Life
  9. Searching for the Truth


VOCALS: Lance King
GUITAR: Pete Southern
Bill Yates
BASS: Tony Ritchie
DRUMS: Lionel Hicks
GUESTS: Leon Lawson


LABEL: Nightmare Records
PRODUCED BY: Lionel Hicks
“And if you wonder why I always see so distant, well there's more than what you see and what I want you to know.”