Hot & Slow: The Best Of The Ballads cd cover


Hot & Slow: The Best Of The Ballads

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Track Listing

  1. You Make Me Feel
  2. Rock 'N' Roll Cowboy
  3. The Stroke
  4. Give It A Try
  5. Don't Touch The Light
  6. Fantasy
  7. Take My Heart And Run
  8. Who's Foolin' Who
  9. SDI
  10. Sleeping All Alone
  11. Why Is It Never Enough
  12. Fight For Love
  13. Sweet Obsession
  14. Look Of Love
  15. Cold Days
  16. Rivers Of Glory
  17. Feels Like Comin' Home


VOCALS: Claus Lessman
GUITAR: Micheal Voss
Hans Ziller

Angel Schaeffer
BASS: Joerg Deisinger
DRUMS: Edgar Patrik
Jurgen Wiehler

KEYBOARDS: Armin Woods


LABEL: Ariola
“When faith in saviours turns to doubt, and dreams just seem so far away, don't look back on your failures, don't you ever lose your hope. In a world of saviours you've got nothing but your own heart and soul to bear your crosses if you stumble on the way.”