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Out of the Cellar

Although I never knew it in 1984, in retrospect I can see, Ratt was a better band than Motley Crue. The musicianship was superior across the board, the songs were better and so was the production. Iíve always liked Ratt, and I bought all of their albums, but for some reason, I never gave them the credit they deserved until years later. I guess when I was thirteen, I never wanted to admit that a band could be better than the Crue. Anyway this was Rattís grand entrance spawning the single Round and Round that would forever define the bandís sound and style. This rating like those given to the early Crue cds is based partially on itís impact at the time. Required for any 80ís metal collection. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. wanted man
  2. you're in trouble
  3. round and round
  4. in your direction
  5. she wants money
  6. lack of communication
  7. back for more
  8. the morning after
  9. i'm insane
  10. scene of the crime


VOCALS: Stephen Pearcy
GUITAR: Warren De Martini
Robbin Crosby
BASS: Juan Croucier
DRUMS: Bobby Blotzer


LABEL: Atlantic
“I stole the winning numbers and flushed them down the drain. I grabbed the golden ring only to let it slip away. Sometimes it seems the dark side might be the place for me. I know the devil may care (I know the devil may care). I know the devil may care, but I don't. ”