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Roth, David Lee

The Best

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Track Listing

  1. Don't Piss Me Off
  2. Yankee Rose
  3. A Lil' Ain't Enough
  4. Just Like Paradise
  5. Big Train
  6. Big Trouble
  7. It's Showtime
  8. Hot Dog And A Shake
  9. Skycraper
  10. Shy Boy
  11. She's My Machine
  12. Stand Up
  13. Tobbaco Road
  14. Easy Street
  15. California Girls
  16. Just A Gigolo/Ain't Got Nobody
  17. Sensible Shoes
  18. Goin' Crazy
  19. Ladies' Nite In Buffalo?
  20. Land's Edge


VOCALS: David Lee Roth
GUITAR: Jason Becker
Sid McGinnis
Eddir Martinez
BASS: Matt Bissonette
Willie Weeks
John Regan
DRUMS: Jack White
John Robinson
Tony Beard
KEYBOARDS: Richard Hilton
Jesse Harms
John Webster
GUESTS: Billy Sheehan
Steve Vai
Edgar Winter
Christopher Cross
Carl Wilson
Jason Becker
Steve Hunter


LABEL: Rhino
PRODUCED BY: Bill Inglot
“It's late at night and you show no emotion. You cast a smile that's not really worth showing. For what it's worth, I'll exchange it with one of my own.”