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White Heart

Nothing But The Best: Rock Classics

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Track Listing

  1. Letter Of Love
  2. Convertibles
  3. No Taboo
  4. Sing Your Freedom
  5. Let The Kingdom Come
  6. Powerhouse
  7. Independence Day
  8. His Heart Was Always In It
  9. Light A Candle
  10. Nothing But The Best
  11. Change The Way
  12. Heaven Of My Heart
  13. Climb The Hill


VOCALS: Steve Green
Scott Douglas
Rick Florian
GUITAR: Dann Huff
Gordon Kennedy
BASS: Gary Lunn
Tommy Sims
DRUMS: David Huff
Chris McHugh
KEYBOARDS: Mark Gersmehl
Billy Smiley


LABEL: Capitol
“Well you've got quite a brain, but I've got half a mind, to show you what I want to do to you. With all respect your intellect takes a back seat this time. It's a physical attraction, that turns me on.”