Saints and Sinners cd cover

Roberts, Kane

Saints and Sinners

For those who are still stuck in the 80's heavy metal scene, this is a must buy. Songs like "Wild Nights" and "Fighter" are meant for those who have to have it heavy while "does anyone really fall in love anymore" are for those who like it more mellow. This is a quality album with quality songs (all of them). Take a chance and buy it, you won't be disappointed.
--Jimmy Johnson

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Track Listing

  1. wild nights
  2. twisted
  3. does anybody really fall in love anymore?
  4. dance little sister
  5. rebel heart
  6. you always want it
  7. fighter
  8. i'm not lookin' for an angel
  9. too far gone
  10. it's only over for you


VOCALS: Kane Roberts
GUITAR: Kane Roberts
BASS: Steven Steele
DRUMS: Myron Grombacher
KEYBOARDS: Chuck Kentis
GUESTS: Danny Nosoff
Arthur Funaro
Myriam Valle
Frank Linx
Andrea Robinson
Stan Bush
Chris Post
Gary Falcone
Desmond Child


LABEL: DGC - David Geffen Company
PRODUCED BY: Sir Arthur Payson
“Got a grip like steel on wood. This is all for your own good and if you wanna get away, wanna be free, wanna get anywhere but right here beside me you'll have to twist away from me...”