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REO Speedwagon

Star Box

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Track Listing

  1. In Your Letter
  2. Take It On The Run
  3. Don't Let Him Go
  4. Keep On Loving You
  5. Keep The Fire Burnin'
  6. I Don't Wanna know
  7. Can't Fight This Feeling
  8. Love Is A Rock
  9. In My Dreams
  10. Here With Me
  11. Roll With The Changes
  12. Keep Pushin'
  13. Back In My Heart Again
  14. Ridin' The Storm Out
  15. One Lonely Night
  16. All Heaven Broke Loose
  17. Half Way


VOCALS: Kevin Cronin
GUITAR: Gary Richrath
Kevin Cronin
Dave Amato
BASS: Bruce Hall
DRUMS: Alan Gratzer
Bryan Hitt
KEYBOARDS: Eric Persing
Neal Doughty


LABEL: Epic / Sony
“Just a mile or so away is my dearest frind in this world. He wears the blue and I the grey, and God it hurts me so. The last time we were together, I grabbed his hand and I pledged, if I ever draw my sword on you, may the good Lord strike me dead...”