Lord of Earth and Heavens Heir cd cover

Human Fortress

Lord of Earth and Heavens Heir

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Track Listing

  1. The Dragons Lair
  2. Under Black Age Toil
  3. Lord of Earth and Heavens Heir
  4. Divine Astronomy
  5. Stroke of Fate
  6. The Fortress (Instrumental)
  7. Amberdawn
  8. Forgive and Forget
  9. Damned to Bedlam
  10. Light Beyond Horizon
  11. Little Flame


VOCALS: Jioti Parcharidis
GUITAR: Torsten Wolf
Volker Trost
BASS: Pablo J. Tammens
DRUMS: Apostolos Zaios
KEYBOARDS: Dirk Marquardt


LABEL: Limb Music Productions
PRODUCED BY: Tommy Newton
“Just a mile or so away is my dearest frind in this world. He wears the blue and I the grey, and God it hurts me so. The last time we were together, I grabbed his hand and I pledged, if I ever draw my sword on you, may the good Lord strike me dead...”