Red, White, Black and Blue cd cover

American Dog

Red, White, Black and Blue

Beyond the popular forms of metal like glam, progressive, or even speed, there is a group that never quite gained that kind of notoriety. The ugly step child of southern rock and heavy blues. That this is where American Dog fits in. Itís not a style that Iím really fond of, since I donít really care for southern rock or the blues, but for what it is, they do it well. The music isnít complicated, but itís well played. The singing isnít pretty, but if it was, it wouldnít fit. The lyrics are as raunchy as the band and the production is as clean as the music would allow. Theyíve embraced their style, even proclaiming themselves the kings of redneck metal. And even though Iím not sure there are any others who would want that title, they have my vote. Ė Scott Bazzett

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.7

Track Listing

  1. Shitkicker
  2. Train
  3. Can't Throw Stones
  4. Dog Will Hunt
  5. Glad It's Over
  6. Blame it on the Booze
  7. Motors Down
  8. Swallow My Pride
  9. Can't Stop the Rain
  10. I Keep Drinkin'
    (You're Still Ugly)
  11. Hear Me Howlin'
  12. Bullshit!


VOCALS: Michael Hannon
GUITAR: Steve Theado
BASS: Michael Hannon
DRUMS: Keith Pickens


LABEL: Outlaw Entertainment
“All things will change, just like the rain will fall. As each day will die, the next will arise to the call.”