Through the Storm cd cover


Through the Storm

The music is really good, but without the right singer it would just be mediocre. Fortunately, Riot has THE right singer. Mike DiMeo has got an incredible voice. He doesnít have a pretty voice. Itís more of a throaty, raspy, Gillen, Turner, Hughes, Martin, Shortino type of voice. The songs are perfectly suited to his style and he just knocks them out of the park. Normally, I prefer the guitars to have a more distorted sound with a deeper tone, but something about this lighter fuzzier guitar sound just seems to compliment Mikeís voice perfectly. The sounds just blend and the result is fantastic. Itís like an old school Rainbow sound but with better production and no annoying keyboards. Sort of like BadlandsÖ Buy this! --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.9

Track Listing

  1. Turn the Tables
  2. Lost Inside This World
  3. Chains (Revolving)
  4. Through the Storm
  5. Let It Show
  6. Burn the Sun
  7. To My Head
  8. Essentail Enemies
  9. Only You Can Rock Me
  10. Isle of Shadows
  11. Here Comes the Sun


VOCALS: Mike DiMeo
GUITAR: Mark Reale
Mike Flyntz
BASS: Pete Perez
DRUMS: Bobby Rondinelli
KEYBOARDS: Josh Pincus
GUESTS: Tony Harnell


LABEL: Metal Blade Records
PRODUCED BY: Paul Orofino
Mark Reale
“Somehow, somewhere, someone sold me the wrong set of dreams. Like a rag doll in careless hands, I come apart at the seams.”