Excruciating Pleasures cd cover


Excruciating Pleasures

The absolute abandon he displays while churning through genre and styleÖ boundaries be damned! I mean after years of playing covers and backing up other people I believe he has developed a real appreciation for all different types of rock and he just doesnít differentiate between them. Itís just all stuff he likes. Coincidentally, when he does it, itís all stuff I like too. His voice and guitar tone stay consistent throughout the cd as a constant, but the style changes quite a bit. The guy is amazingly versatile and sounds comfortable doing all of it. I feel confident that with the variety of styles on this album, there might truly be, something for everyone. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.1

Track Listing

  1. Drama Queen
  2. Psycho Bitch
  3. Someone New
  4. Night Terror
  5. Lost Soul Mate
  6. Panic Fire
  7. Mental Ward (Checkin' In)
  8. Wish You Dead
  9. Self Destruction
  10. I'm In Love With The Girl That I Hate
  11. Crave
  12. Therapy


VOCALS: Gary Schutt
GUITAR: Gary Schutt
BASS: Gary Schutt
DRUMS: Gary Schutt
KEYBOARDS: Gary Schutt


LABEL: Shut Up Productions
PRODUCED BY: Gary Schutt
“I'm stolen, I'm broken, I'm changing colors... The veil has gone and so has everything that matters.”