Into the Now cd cover


Into the Now

After a ten-year absence, Tesla returns with a new album that picks up exactly where Bust a Nut left off. As a band, they never chased the fads, or confused image with the music and a decade hasnít changed that. The production is great and so are the songs. Tracks like Got No Glory, Miles Away, What A Shame and really most of the others, are as good as their classic hits. This is as pure a hard rock album as you will find and time apart hasnít hurt the bandís chemistry either. Without missing a beat, they are still as tight as they always were. And even though they are the band that made unplugged cool, this might be their heaviest cd yet. The bottom line is no Tesla fan will be disappointed with this comeback. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. Into the Now
  2. Look @ Me
  3. What A Shame
  4. Heaven Nine Eleven
  5. Words Can't Explain
  6. Caught in A Dream
  7. Miles Away
  8. Mighty Mouse
  9. Got No Glory
  10. Come To Me
  11. Recognize
  12. Only You


VOCALS: Jeff Keith
GUITAR: Frank Hannon
Tommy Skeoch
BASS: Brian Wheat
DRUMS: Troy Luccketta
KEYBOARDS: Frank Hannon


LABEL: Sanctuary
Michael Rosen
Roger Sommers
“Waiting at the station, tears filling up my eyes. Sometimes the pain you hide burns like a fire inside...”