Destroy All Monsters cd cover

Martin, Eric

Destroy All Monsters

I've always been a fan of Eric's music regardless of the style. On Destroy All Monsters he's contunuing down the power pop path that he pursued on 'I'm Going Sane'. I don't have a problem with the style. I have a problem with the lack of any memorable songs. If you enjoy Eric's vocals and this style, start with 'I'm Going Sane'. It's much more consistent. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.8

Track Listing

  1. What's The Worst That Could Happen
  2. Kansas
  3. I Woke Up Too Late
  4. Janie Won't Open
  5. Where Are You?
  6. You're Too Good For Him
  7. Living In Black & White
  8. Something There
  9. What If
  10. I Can Die Now
  11. Burnin' In My Mind
  12. If


VOCALS: Eric Martin
GUITAR: David Simon-Baker
Jeff Watson
Chris Wilson
Pat Giles
Andre Pessis
Eric Martin
BASS: Mark Chole
John Wuopio
John McDill
Kenny Gradney
DRUMS: Denise Martin
Tommy Rickard
Richie Hayward
KEYBOARDS: Billy Payne


LABEL: Frontiers
PRODUCED BY: David Simon-Baker
“Tonight, this is where we go, to find out who we really are. We've got nothing left to lose. Tonight, this is how we breathe, to put some strength back in our hearts. We've got nothing left to lose. We start from the dark...”