Full Circle cd cover

Jidhed, Jim

Full Circle

Alien's original singer goes smooth AOR. Unlike annoying rockers gone AOR *cough* Mike Bolton *cough*, Jidhed pulls it off with flying colors with help from Tommy Denander and friends. More like a really good Steve Perry solo album than Alien.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. I Will Never Leave You Now
  2. Full Circle
  3. Silence Of Your Heart
  4. Someday
  5. I Can't Go On
  6. Anyway You Want It
  7. Now We Cry
  8. Lost Angels
  9. I'll Be Ready Then
  10. Falling In Love
  11. Wish You Were Here
  12. Don't Close Your Eyes
  13. Marie


VOCALS: Jim Jidhed
GUITAR: Tommy Denander
BASS: Marcel Jacob
DRUMS: Marcus Liliequist
KEYBOARDS: Tommy Denander


LABEL: Atenzia
PRODUCED BY: Tommy Denander
“Thereís something about you girl, that makes you mysterious. Iím out of my head So what am I to do? Thereís something about your touch that makes me delirious. Itís hard to believe if all they say is true, then the Oscar goes to you ...”