Battle Cries cd cover

The Brave

Battle Cries

If you like your hard rock in the Christian vein, this is your record. Substitute some of the lyrics with the sleaze of the era and you'd never be able to tell your rocking with the Lord. Bigger harmonies than Stryper if that's possible. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. All Together Now
  2. The Waiting
  3. If That Ain't Love
  4. Running All My Life
  5. Tears Of A Broken Heart
  6. Little Love
  7. Never Live Without Your Love
  8. Big World
  9. Ride With Rhythm
  10. Just A Man
  11. All Together Now (Studio Mix)
  12. Running All My Life (Studio Mix)


VOCALS: James Salters
GUITAR: Stace Roberts
Freddie Tierra
BASS: Malcom Paris
DRUMS: Randy Roberts


LABEL: Pakaderm
PRODUCED BY: John Elefante
“I got home late on a Saturday night and I knew right away, something wasn't right. I knew she was gone.”