Made In California cd cover

Lima, Johnny

Made In California

Johnny Lima writes the kind of songs that Bon Jovi would if Bon Jovi were still a fun rock band. Highlights are the title track where he tells a girl he can't date her because she's had no plastic surgery. --johnk5150

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Track Listing

  1. Made In California
  2. Best Night Of My Life
  3. Chosen One
  4. Go On, Go Away
  5. We've Got Tonigth
  6. Another Girl
  7. Help
  8. Love Ain't Enough
  9. Something About You
  10. Where Are You Now
  11. Welcome To My Paradise


VOCALS: Johnny Lima
GUITAR: Johnny Lima
Jason Ganucci
Craig Takeshita
BASS: Johnny Lima
DRUMS: Johnny Lima (Drum Programming)


LABEL: Frontiers
PRODUCED BY: Johnny Lima
“Backstage we're having the time of our lives until somebody said Forgive me if I seem out of line Then she whipped out her gun and tried to blow me away.”