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Lixx Array

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These guys must have taken a bath on this one. It's an independent release that somehow managed to get decent distribution. I found my copy in a Coconuts in downtown Chicago. This is hair by the numbers, with two or three stand outs (Table For Two, Right From The Start). Gets ballad heavy toward the end. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.1

Track Listing

  1. Bad Man
  2. Inside Of Me
  3. Table For Two
  4. Really Hits Home
  5. Right From The Start
  6. Ready Or Not
  7. Thrills Behind The Wheel
  8. Once In A Lifetime
  9. Good Life Groove
  10. Hearts On The Line


VOCALS: Rusty Dades
GUITAR: Blake Hastings
BASS: Rob Swanson
DRUMS: Barry McGill


LABEL: Lixx Array Music
PRODUCED BY: Jon Alexander Graves
“You stood apart from all the rest, but that never made you any less. Alone my friend, you no more will be. It's the gathering of the freaks.”