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101 South

Roll of the Dice

Really classy smooth AOR from the guys who brought you Harlan Cage. Awesome melodies and solid songs. johnk5150

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Track Listing

  1. What's Your Game?
  2. Don't You Stop Believing
  3. Dark Cloud On The Horizon
  4. Borderline
  5. Standing In The Spotlight
  6. Roll Of The Dice
  7. Ride Out The Storm
  8. Dance Through The Night
  9. I'll Never Forget You Baby
  10. Black Isn't Black
  11. Get Up And Go


VOCALS: Gregory Lynn Hall
GUITAR: Billy Liesgang
Mike Turner
David Pasillas
BASS: Chris Julian
DRUMS: Hans Geiger
KEYBOARDS: Roger Scott Craig


LABEL: Atenzia
PRODUCED BY: Roger Scott Craig
“Woe to you oh earth and sea, For the devil sends the beast with wrath, Cause he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding recon the nuber of the beast, For it is a human number. Its number is 666”