Mechanical Resonance cd cover


Mechanical Resonance

One of the best ever debut cds, Tesla just hit the ground running. I remember all of my friends talking about this band at school, the Monday after the Modern Day Cowboy video aired on Headbangerís Ball. I donít remember that video anymore, but this album got worn out at my house. Tesla was a very refreshing band because they were so talented and so tight, but they wrote blue-collar accessible songs with their talent instead of the sometimes odd progressive style stuff that most of the bands of that caliber would play. Songs like Changes, Little Suzi, Cover Queen, EZ Come, EZ Go and of course Modern Day Cowboy made this cd an instant classic and they never changed their style. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. ez come ez go
  2. cumin' atcha live
  3. gettin' better
  4. 2 late 4 love
  5. rock me to the top
  6. we're no good together
  7. modern day cowboy
  8. changes
  9. little suzi
  10. love me
  11. cover queen
  12. before my eyes


VOCALS: Jeff Keith
GUITAR: Tommy Skeoch
Frank Hannon
BASS: Brian Wheat
DRUMS: Troy Luccketta


LABEL: Geffen
PRODUCED BY: Steve Thompson
“Johnny never card about nobody 'cuz no one cared about John.”