Back to the Innocence cd cover

Cain, Jonathan

Back to the Innocence

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Track Listing

  1. Something Sacred
  2. Full Circle
  3. Hometown Boys
  4. Back to the Innocence
  5. Summer of an Angry Son
  6. What the Gypsy Said
  7. Women Never Forget
  8. My Old Man
  9. The Great Divide
  10. When the Spirit Comes
  11. Family Hand-Me-Downs
  12. The Waiting Years
  13. Distant Shores
  14. Little River


VOCALS: Jonathan Cain
GUITAR: Lyle Workman
BASS: Glenn Letsch
DRUMS: Steve Smith


LABEL: Empire
PRODUCED BY: Jonathan Cain
“Thereís something about you girl, that makes you mysterious. Iím out of my head So what am I to do? Thereís something about your touch that makes me delirious. Itís hard to believe if all they say is true, then the Oscar goes to you ...”