Psychotic Supper cd cover


Psychotic Supper

Although still a solid effort, for some reason this cd never had the impact for me that Mechanical Resonance or The Great Radio Controversy did. Itís very similar; they didnít change their sound or their style, but the individual songs didnít give me an immediate reaction like some of their earlier songs did. The closest tracks were Song and Emotion, Freedom Slaves and the first single, Edisonís Medicine. I still go back to those three, and two of them ended up on their greatest hits cd a few years later. Psychotic Supper did eventually grow on me, but I never really consider it to be in the same league as the first two. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. change in the weather
  2. edison's medicine
  3. don't de-rock me
  4. call it what you want
  5. song & emotion
  6. time
  7. government personnel
  8. freedom slaves
  9. had enough
  10. what you give
  11. stir it up
  12. can't stop
  13. toke about it


VOCALS: Jeff Keith
GUITAR: Tommy Skeoch
Frank Hannon
BASS: Brian Wheat
DRUMS: Troy Luccketta


LABEL: Geffen
PRODUCED BY: Steve Thompson
“But don't try to change her. Just leave it. Believe it. You're not the only one 'cuz seeing is believing.”