Diet For a New America cd cover


Diet For a New America

Nikki Sixx ventured out into alternative land in 2000. This record shows that regardless of the style of music, Sixx can write really strong songs. More often than not the chance 58 takes pay off and really hit the target. Songs like Piece of Candy, Stormy and Alone Again are incredibly memorable.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. Don't Laugh (You Might Be Next)
  2. El Paso
  3. Piece Of Candy
  4. Shopping Cart Jesus
  5. Queer
  6. Song To Slit Your Wrists By
  7. Stormy
  8. Killing Joke
  9. All My Heroes Are Dead
  10. Alone Again (Naturally)
  11. Who We Are


VOCALS: Steve Gibb
GUITAR: Steve Gibb
BASS: Nikki Sixx
DRUMS: Bucket Baker


LABEL: Beyond
PRODUCED BY: Dave Darling
“I've been up and I've been down, I've been lost and now I've found out all the secrets that you tried to keep from me. There will come a day when I will take my love away. We conclude that we agree to disagree.”