Skin cd cover

Tattoo Rodeo


Tattoo Rodeo got even bluesier with their second and final release 'Skin'. Say what you will about Churchill-Dries' work in White Sister, his voice is perfectly suited for this style. His twang is so full of emotion in songs like Charity and Chamber of Mary's Gun. Tattoo Rodeo is one of the few bands that I prefer the ballads over the rockers. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.3

Track Listing

  1. Too Daze Gone
  2. Feels Like Love
  3. Chamber of Mary's Gun
  4. Can't Keep My Woman Down
  5. Charity
  6. Train
  7. Sure Enough
  8. Waiting For You
  9. Blackened


VOCALS: Dennis Churchill-Dries
GUITAR: Rick Chadock
BASS: Robert Berg
DRUMS: Richard Wright
KEYBOARDS: Michael Lord


LABEL: Mausoleum
PRODUCED BY: Tattoo Rodeo
“Way back at the dawn of time, Adam and Eve did a terrible crime. He followed her down on lovers lane, now I'm payin' for his mistake. Aphrodite and Godiva too, gotta take the blame for what I'm going through. It's never gonna change; only getting worse. Women of the world-- Lord, it's gotta be a curse.”