Fortune Favors The Brave cd cover

Black Rose

Fortune Favors The Brave

Some fantastic guitar work gets lost in the fact that this record is riddled with bad Euro accents and really dumb lyrics. Songs like Lady Luck and Love Is a Changer are simply unlistenable. This would have been a fantastic instrumental album. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. Into The Light
  2. Turn Out The Lights
  3. Thunder and Lightning
  4. Lady Luck
  5. The Hunter
  6. Love Is a Changer
  7. Rise Again
  8. Let Them Know
  9. Never Let You Down
  10. Lost In Your Love


VOCALS: Johan Spinord
GUITAR: Thomas Berg
BASS: Anders Haga
DRUMS: Peter Haga
KEYBOARDS: Hakon Karlstrom


LABEL: Bums Records
PRODUCED BY: Kim Meinert
“I fear the fire, calling down below. A dark desire, as it tears through the flesh of my soul. And there's a feeling, hiding deep within. It's always fighting to bleed my heart when temptation begins.”