Move On cd cover


Move On

As Morris and Ousey get older, their tastes are moving progressively from smooth AOR to near hard rock. The last Heartland album is almost entirely upbeat riff driven tunage of high quality. Ousey's voice is perfectly suited for Morris' really strong melodies. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. Hard Hearted Man
  2. City of Lights
  3. Take Me Alive
  4. How Was I To Know
  5. I'm Getting Ready
  6. Hell Or High Water
  7. Too Sad To Cry
  8. Remember Me?
  9. Redemption
  10. Where Do We Go From Here
  11. One Fine Day
  12. Rotate


VOCALS: Chris Ousey
GUITAR: Steve Morris
BASS: Matthias Gregerson
DRUMS: Rasmus Dueldahl
KEYBOARDS: Steve Morris


LABEL: Escape
PRODUCED BY: Steve Morris
“You say, it's true, I need a change in my attitude, well maybe I could express if I knew, it shouldn't make much difference to you. So I should take you to another place, and that would wipe the fear off my face. Well that's easier for you to say, 'cuz you don't have to deal like I do.”