You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll cd cover

Twisted Sister

You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll

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Track Listing

  1. the kids are back
  2. like a knife in the back
  3. ride to live live to ride
  4. i am (i'm me)
  5. the power and the glory
  6. we're gonna make it
  7. i've had enough
  8. i'll take you alive
  9. you're not alone (suzette's song)
  10. you can't stop rock 'n roll


VOCALS: Dee Snider
GUITAR: Jay Jay French
Eddie Ojeda
BASS: Mark Mendoza
DRUMS: A.J. Pero


LABEL: Atlantic
PRODUCED BY: Stuart Epps
“Thereís something about you girl, that makes you mysterious. Iím out of my head So what am I to do? Thereís something about your touch that makes me delirious. Itís hard to believe if all they say is true, then the Oscar goes to you ...”