Silence the Quiet cd cover


Silence the Quiet

"Silence The Quiet" from Project 43 is a cool debut album, showcasing a range of diverse styles all within the melodic rock barrier... and in turn it sounds quite professional and slick. the albums end, you are actually left wanting more, it's easy going on the listener and covers a diverse range of styles and influences that keeps the flow interesting. - "Fireworks Magazine"

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.5

Track Listing

  1. Exit
  2. Silence the Quiet
  3. Turning Circles
  4. Is Tonight the Night
  5. Eyes of Tomorrow
  6. In Exile
  7. Running Scared
  8. Dreams Come Alive
  9. Here We Go 'Round Again
  10. Into the Black


VOCALS: Antti Heikkinen
GUITAR: Steve M. Mann
Charlie Wardick
Christopher Bell-Boudreaux
BASS: Charlie Wardick
DRUMS: Scott Wallace
KEYBOARDS: Steve M. Mann


LABEL: Project-43
PRODUCED BY: Steve M. Mann
“It's been a long time you've been gone. I waited for you, longing to tell you, I have missed you for so long. Side by side, I dreamt to be with you. Only with you...”