The Headless Children cd cover


The Headless Children

This album was a turning point for W.A.S.P. There a couple of shifts in the line-up. King Kobra's Johnny Rod took over bass which freed up Blackie to add a second guitar, and Steven Riley's time keeping was replaced by the much more dynamic drumming of Quiet Riot's Frankie Banali. Even more important than those elements though was the shift in song-writing. Now I always liked W.A.S.P., but let's face it, they were an easy target for critics. Their music wasn't exactly what you could call deep. This was definitely a huge step forward though. Songs like the Heretic, Forever Free and the title track show some definite signs of maturity. Definitely W.A.S.P.s best work at the time. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.3

Track Listing

  1. The Heretic (The Lost Child)
  2. The Real Me
  3. The Headless Children
  4. Thunderbird
  5. Mean Man
  6. The Neutron Bomber
  7. Mephisto Waltz
  8. Forever Free
  9. Maneater
  10. Rebel In The F.D.G.


VOCALS: Blackie Lawless
GUITAR: Chris Holmes
Blackie Lawless
BASS: Johnny Rod
DRUMS: Frankie Banali


LABEL: Capitol Records
PRODUCED BY: Blackie Lawless
“Is it yesterday? Am I on my way? Like a needle in my vein, sever all my ties, try to recognize, now I can't escape the pain.”