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Pink Cream 69


It has been a long time (6 years) since their last release and they have been one of my favorite bands since the late 90s, so I was really looking forward to this cd. I expected to like it. I really wanted to like it. I tried to like it, but I have been driving around with it for over a month, waiting for something (anything!) to stand out and it just ... never happened. I mean the guy can sing, the band can play and the production is top-notch, but the songs just aren't there. Don't get me wrong, they aren't terrible. They are just predictable and ultimately they are boring. I don't know what the problem is. A lot of the guys in this band are spread pretty thin with side projects. Maybe they put more effort into those and were just going through the motions here. That being said, aside from being disappointed in this album, I am also deeply disturbed at how many reviews I've read on this cd that compare it to to PC69's previous release, In10sity. Don't believe that. That album was fantastic and full of energy and I stand by my review that that might have been their best album, while this is their worst since 1997's Food for Thought. It pains me to say it, but this album is weak. Right down to the awful cover art, the whole thing is just forgettable. -- Scott

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Track Listing

  1. Land of Confusion
  2. Wasted Years
  3. Special
  4. Find Your Soul
  5. The Tide
  6. Big Machine
  7. Let the Thunder Roll
  8. Right from Wrong
  9. Passage of Time
  10. I Came to Rock
  11. King for One Day
  12. Superman


VOCALS: David Readman
GUITAR: Alfred Koffler
Uwe Reitenauer
BASS: Dennis Ward
DRUMS: Chris Schmidt


LABEL: Frontiers Records
PRODUCED BY: Dennis Ward
“The more of you that I inspect, the more of me I see reflect. The more I try to read your lips, the more the mask you're wearing rips...”