Cherry Pie cd cover


Cherry Pie

Another cd that took a lot of flack for giving metal a bad name, but it made Warrant a household name and happens to be a damn good disc. Still not a big Warrant fan at the release of this album though, the title track did little to change my mind and it would be a couple more years before I found out how good this cd was. Uncle Tomís Cabin and bed of Roses were great songs and both of these ballads were even better than the two on their debut. But the best song is the awesome Mr. Rainmaker. Itís a hidden treasure and not only one of my favorite Warrant songs, but one of my favorite songs period. Even though it was 1990, this is an 80ís metal classic. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. chery pie
  2. uncle tom's cabin
  3. i saw red
  4. bed of roses
  5. sure feels good to me
  6. love in stereo
  7. blind faith
  8. song and dance man
  9. you're the only hell your mama ever raised
  10. mr. rainmaker
  11. train train
  12. ode to tipper gore


VOCALS: Jani Lane
GUITAR: Joey Allen
Erik Turner
BASS: Jerry Dixon
DRUMS: Steven Sweet


LABEL: Columbia
“You can run and hide, wait for better times until the dark clouds pass by and you hear no more cries. You can tell more lies, pretend that no one dies and just think happy thoughts. Close your eyes and wish for a miracle...”