Love is Magic cd cover
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Bormann, Michael

Love is Magic

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Track Listing

  1. I Wanna Hear Your Voice
  2. Singing for You
  3. Can't Stop Missing You
  4. Help
  5. Two of a Kind
  6. Somebody Like You
  7. The Best is Yet to Come
  8. Love is Magic
  9. Way Back Home
  10. Was Mir Fehlt
  11. Think Twice
  12. I'd Die for You
  13. Don't You Tell Me
  14. Go Goin' Gone
  15. Überleben


VOCALS: Michael Bormann
GUITAR: Michael Bormann
BASS: Michael Bormann
DRUMS: Michael Bormann
KEYBOARDS: Michael Bormann


LABEL: RMB Records
PRODUCED BY: Michael Bormann
“For the vry first time in your life, you've not been the last in line. You had to die instead of me. Do I have to live for you now?”