Somewhere In Time cd cover

Iron Maiden

Somewhere In Time

This was the first album that featured maiden in a more progresive style than the previous albums. But don't get me wrong, this still a maiden album, and as one of them, it comes with a good epic song like Alexander the Great, and some songs about bizarre things like Somewhere in Time and Deja Vu. It also includes the classic song "Wasted Years". It's perfect, it's maiden.
-- Juergen Kibler

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.3

Track Listing

  1. caught somewhere in time
  2. wasted years
  3. sea of madness
  4. heaven can wait
  5. the loneliness of the long distance runner
  6. stranger in a strange land
  7. deja-vu
  8. alexander the great


VOCALS: Bruce Dickinson
GUITAR: Adrian Smith
Dave Murray
BASS: Steve Harris
DRUMS: Nicko McBrain


LABEL: Captiol
PRODUCED BY: Martin Birch
“"In days of decision with conflict and visions,they burns a star Look to the sky for the answers that you need to know Start once again,rejecting all trends knowing who you are Your heart is renewed with the spirit that soon takes control...."”