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Ferrari, Marc & Friends

Guest List

Marc and his friends make up an impressive cast and the cd he's made with them really kicks ass. Each song is built around a cool riff, and with an array of singers and back up musicians, each song has something different to offer up with Marc's killer playing.

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Track Listing

  1. Cardshark
  2. Long Gone
  3. Cold Hands, Warm Heart
  4. The Night is Young
  5. Money Hungry
  6. All Hell's Broke Loose
  7. Run for the Border
  8. She Don't Wanna See Me
  9. Blind Faith
  10. Rolling Thunder


GUITAR: Marc Ferrari
GUESTS: Carl Dixon
Erik Gamans
Todd Jensen
Bob Kulick
Robin McAuley
Michael Mulholland
Mark Normand
Steve Plunkett
John Rowland
Keith St. John
Tommy Thayer
Pat Torpey
John West
Anthony White


LABEL: Seagull
PRODUCED BY: Marc Ferrari
“Everybody loves you when you're bi. Loving all the girls and loving all the guys.”