Tales From The Boogieman cd cover


Tales From The Boogieman

An absolutely fantastic new metal band out of New Jersey! These guys might be the new blood that Iíve been waiting for to rejuvenate the metal scene. Their innovative sound relies on creative songwriting rather than cheap industrial sound effects or bad down-scaled alternative production, and the title track is one of the best songs Iíve heard in ten years. Buy this disc.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. Tales From The Boogieman
  2. Nothing Special
  3. Ain't What It Used To Be
  4. Caught In The Middle
  5. All Out Of Tears
  6. As You Were
  7. Let It Go
  8. Can't Stop The World
  9. Are You Listening
  10. To The Fire


VOCALS: Joe Kori
GUITAR: Doug Arms
BASS: Rob Ellis
DRUMS: Fred Antonelli


LABEL: Pulse Records
PRODUCED BY: Jester & Dan Skye
“So, I finally found Heaven When I first laid eyes on you I took your love for granted But who was fooling who Oh now you're gone I can't go on You're always on my mind I love you I really do”