Lint cd cover

House of Shakira


A Swedish band, with a Japanese sounding name, doing an album called Lint, with an African theme, and none of them are famous. So, you pass on it, right? Maybe, but you'd be missing out one terrific band. Pulse Records struck gold again with this one... From out of nowhere, (well, from out of Sweden) these five guys appeared and gave melodic rock a serious kick in the ass. If you're into good songs, great singing and fantastic harmonized back-up vocals, then this is a cd for you.
-- Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.8

Track Listing

  1. Morning Over Morocco
  2. Lint
  3. Method Of Madness
  4. No: 8
  5. Who's Lying Now
  6. Elephant Gun
  7. Love Was Good
  8. The Story's The Same
  9. Canned Laughter
  10. Remember
  11. Everything's Fine


VOCALS: Andreas Eklund
GUITAR: Mats Hallstensson
Anders Lundstrom
BASS: Per Schelander
DRUMS: Tony Andersson


LABEL: Pulse Records
PRODUCED BY: House of Shakira
“I'm still alive. You left me to die. No need to cry on my shoulder.”