Badlands cd cover



This cd wonít be for everyone, but for those that enjoy a raw, powerful rock sound with a heavy groove and a very distinctive raspy howl leading it all, then Badlands is a band you may want to revisit. Like a darker version of Mr. Big, they deliver a soulful dose of hard rock. It remains very true to the classic rock that inspired it, but has all the perks of good crisp metal production. Itís not the Ozzy style of Jake play that most people associate him with, but itís still the guitar riffs and Ray Gillenís unmistakable old school sound, that drive this album. The rhythm section, not to be ignored, is both tight and creative and the song writing is solid. The album was reissued by KOCH in 2001. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.4

Track Listing

  1. High Wire
  2. Dreams in the Dark
  3. Jade's Song
  4. Winter's Call
  5. Dancing on the Edge
  6. Streets Cry Freedom
  7. Hard Driver
  8. Rumblin' Train
  9. Devil's Stomp
  10. Seasons
  11. Ball & Chain


VOCALS: Ray Gillen
GUITAR: Jake E. Lee
BASS: Greg Chaisson
DRUMS: Eric Singer


LABEL: Atlantic
PRODUCED BY: Paul O'Neil & Badlands
“We see with blood in our eyes, takin' no prisoners and leaving the weak ones behind!”