In the Face of Danger cd cover

Arch Rival

In the Face of Danger

I had never heard of this band before I got this cd and I wouldnít have got this cd if I hadnít heard the title track on the internet somewhere, but Iím glad I did. This is a pretty solid, straightforward metal effort from beginning to end. The guitar riffs are good, the tone is great, the production is clean, the singer is good and the songs are catchy. You should really consider picking this one up, but donít be alarmed if it doesnít look like this. I donít think this cover is available anymore because I think they switched to a cheaper two color print job with a cheesy black and white band photo and a red logo, but itís still the right cd and worth getting if you can find it. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.4

Track Listing

  1. In the Face of Danger
  2. Time Won't Wait
  3. Me Against the World
  4. Rock the Night Away
  5. Fortune Hunter
  6. God Bless America
  7. Revolution
  8. Mr. Attitude
  9. Shotgun at Midnight
  10. Siren's Song
  11. Can You Tell Me Why?


VOCALS: Steve Snyder
GUITAR: Michael Harris
BASS: Gary Rigmaiden
DRUMS: Greg Martin


LABEL: Windmill Records
PRODUCED BY: Michael D. Clute
“This is the time where the lie is revealed. Everything is possible, but nothing is real.”