An Anthology cd cover


An Anthology

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Track Listing

  1. Angel (Theme)
  2. Tower
  3. On and On
  4. Rock and Rollers
  5. Feelin' Right
  6. Anyway You Want It
  7. Can You Feel It
  8. White Lightning
  9. Don't Leave Me Lonely
  10. Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
  11. Got Love if You Want It
  12. Flying With Broken Wings (Without You)
  13. The Winter Song
  14. Don't Take Your Love
  15. Bad Time
  16. Walk Away Renee
  17. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
  18. Wild and Hot
  19. Twentieth Century Foxes
  20. The Christmas Song


VOCALS: Frank DiMino
GUITAR: Punky Meadows
BASS: Felix Robinson
DRUMS: Barry Brandt
KEYBOARDS: Greg Giuffria


LABEL: Mercury
“Outta my way, I'm comin' like a freight train right on through ya, and if you thumb a ride I'll take you home. One million miles an hour of superficial power. We got nothin' to lose but lots to give. Don't kill yourself to live.”