Waiting for the Punchline cd cover


Waiting for the Punchline

Now that my whole 'pissed at grunge for killing hair' tirade is close to being finished, I can listen to this record a little more objectively. Livid upon first listen, I hear a band that wanted to do more than Pornograffitti Part 2. I'm glad. 'Hip Today', 'Cynical' and 'Shadow Boxing' would have fit on 'III Sides', and 'Unconditionally' is a unique ballad. 'Naked', however still sucks. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating6.9

Track Listing

  1. There is no God
  2. Cynical
  3. Tell me Something I Don't Know
  4. Hip Today
  5. Naked
  6. Midnight Express
  7. Leave Me Alone
  8. No Respect
  9. Evilangelist
  10. Shadow Boxing
  11. Unconditionally


VOCALS: Gary Cherone
GUITAR: Nuno Bettencourt
BASS: Mike Mangini
DRUMS: Patrick Badger


LABEL: A and M
“Outta my way, I'm comin' like a freight train right on through ya, and if you thumb a ride I'll take you home. One million miles an hour of superficial power. We got nothin' to lose but lots to give. Don't kill yourself to live.”