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Barren Cross
Hotter Than Hell! Live

Blue Murder
Nothin' But Trouble

Blue Murder
Screaming Blue Murder

Coverdale, David
Into The Light

Heavy Pettin
Lettin Loose

Lynch Mob
Smoke and Mirrors

Mega Colossus

Soul Sirkus
World Play

Sykes, John
Out of My Tree

Sykes, John
20th Century

Sykes, John

Twisted Sister
You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll

Twisted Sister
Stay Hungry

Twisted Sister
Come Out and Play

Twisted Sister
Love is for Suckers

Twisted Sister
Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of

Twisted Sister
Live at Hammersmith - DISC 2

Twisted Sister
Live At Hammersmith - DISC 1

Twisted Sister
A Twisted Christmas

Various Artists
Little Guitars
A Tribute To Van Halen

Weers, Oliver
Get Ready

“There was a friend of mine on murder And the judge's gavel fell Jury found him guilty Gave him sixteen years in hell He said "I ain't spending my life here I ain't living alone Ain't breaking no rocks on the chain gang I'm breakin' out and headin' home ”