Seven Ravens: After The Storm

Seven Ravens II 2023

Seven Ravens: Barely Hanging On

Seven Ravens I 2021


My name is Scott Bazzett. James LePak and I have been writing songs together since back in the late 80s. Over the years, we have moved on (both geographically to other states, and in life, to other careers), but we kept in touch and kept writing together. Originally, we sent tapes back and forth through the mail, and as technology improved, we were eventually able to share files online. All together, the two of us have collaborated on over 100 recordings to date: me, writing lyrics and vocal melodies and James playing the guitars and working out song architecture. Finally, in 2020, with the songs coming out really well, and improvements in recording quality, I decided it was time to take it to the next level, so I began reaching out to other artists. I reached for the stars, and damn if I didn't grab some... 

We released our first album Barely Hanging On in May of 2021. 

Our second album, After The Storm will be out in 2023 ...   

Scott Bazzett and James LePak, Seattle, circa 1990