January 24, 2022
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Arizona Cotton Rat
Sigmodon arizonae
RANGE: USA: Arizona, south to Mexico
HABITAT: dry grassland
BODY: 5-7.75 in
TAIL: 3-5 in
Arizona Cotton Rat
Cotton rats are so abundant that they are sometimes declared a plague. They normally feed on plants and small insects, but when populations are high, they take the eggs and chicks of bobwhites as well as crayfish and fiddler crabs. They breed prolifically, producing their first litter of up to 12 young when just 10 weeks old.
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Rat information compliments of Macmillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia
Rat illustration by Graham Allen

“And the phoenix flies, straight and high back to Avalon/Now I'm on my way, back where I belong/Gonna go there with a song/Back to Avalon.”
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