A Matter of Time cd cover


A Matter of Time

  1. Gunshy
  2. Lost in Time
  3. Eternal Affair
  4. Never Tell Your Dreams Goodbye
  5. Walk Away
  6. Fight Ain't Over
  7. A Matter of Time
  8. Blonde & Blue
  9. Far Cry From You
  10. Let It Ride
  11. Love in the First Degree
  12. Believer

Russell Arcara put his name and his voice on this cd, but thatís it. The songs are written all or in part by guitarist and producer Stephen DeAcutis. In fact, rumor has it that singer Rocco Fury recorded the original vocal lines for at least some of these songs. And while thatís an interesting thought, the truth is the problem is more the songs than the singing. Russell still has a great voice, even if it is over dramatic at times, but this material is average at best and produced as more pop than rock. The guitars get lost in the mix and the glitzy production and overused keyboards keep this album from achieving any real power, but there are a couple of okay songs on here. --Scott


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