Symbol of Salvation cd cover

Armored Saint

Symbol of Salvation

  1. reign of fire
  2. dropping like flies
  3. last train home
  4. tribal dance
  5. the truth always hurts
  6. half drawn bridge
  7. another day
  8. symbol of salvation
  9. hanging judge
  10. warzone
  11. burning question
  12. tainted past
  13. spineless

Armored Saint was a band that I grudgingly liked. They seemed to have the uncanny knack of making one or two songs on each album that I liked just enough to buy it. This album was no exception. I love the song Last Train Home and I really thought that this was the album where they were going to crossover butÖ nope. One great song, a couple good ones and nine others that just didnít stand out to me. I think itís the singer. I canít seem to take him in large doses. I listen to this album and I feel like somebodyís yelling at me for an hour. The same thing occurred when he joined Anthrax on The Sound of White Noise. I liked the song Only, but the rest of the album was crap. --Scott




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