Starfire cd cover



  1. Starfire
  2. Edge of the Blade
  3. Break It Up
  4. Forever Yours
  5. The Day the Earth Caught Fire
  6. Gate of Tears
  7. Burn
  8. End Comes Easy
  9. Just the Same
  10. Abyss of Evil

I was unfamiliar with Jorn before I got this cd. I thought he was the singer from Milleniumís Angelfire, but, in fact, he is the singer for their upcoming album, Hourglass. That being said I had no idea what to expect. Jorn does not disappoint. Thatís about the only thing he doesnít do though. On this, his first solo album, Jorn does a bunch of cover songs and he does not shy away from a challenge. Covering vocal legends like Steve Perry, Lou Gramm and David Coverdale is not something I would recommend to many singers, but Jorn pulls it off in effortless fashion. The man can sing. If youíre in to powerful, slightly raspy voices, you should really start following this guy. He should be with us for a while. --Scott


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