Steel and Starlight cd cover

Shok Paris

Steel and Starlight

  1. Go Down Fighting
  2. Steel and Starlight
  3. Tokyo Rose
  4. Rocked Outta Love
  5. Castle Walls
  6. On Your Feet
  7. Falling for You
  8. Exhibit
  9. Lost Queen
  10. Hot on your Heels
  11. Streets of Pleasure

I got this cd at a pawn shop for a dollar. No jewel case, no booklet, just laying there on the shelf all kinds of naked. I saw the IRS Records logo though and I vaguely remembered the name Shok Paris, so I gave it a try. I won't call it a golden find, but it was definitely worth more than the buck I paid for it. Shok Paris is a german metal band similar to PrettyMaids and Accept. The guitar work is phenomenal and musically the whole thing is very tight, but the singer... Well he's very German and the accent is pretty harsh. He doesn't make it unlistenable, but he definitely brings it down a notch. But if you're into Accept or Pretty Maids, you might wanna try Shok Paris. --Scott




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