Maggots: The Record cd cover

The Plasmatics

Maggots: The Record

  1. Overture
  2. You're a Zombie
  3. Scene 1: White's Apartment
  4. The Day of the Humans is Gone
  5. Scene 2: Central Research Laboratory
  6. Destroyers
  7. Scene 3: White's Apartment/Bruce's bedroom
  8. Brain Dead
  9. Scene 4: White's Apartment/Bruce's bedroom
  10. Propagators
  11. Scene 5: White's bedroom/Fire escape
  12. Finale

The Plasmatics split in 1983, but after, two solo albums, Wendy and Rod opted to reunite the band for this record, though minus Richie Stotts, who had his own band he was bust with. "Maggots: The Record" is often called a death-metal opera. The music is very fast and very extreme, and most of the record is dialogue spoken by actors, which tells the tale of a race of giant maggots taking over the earth and destroying humanity. Because Wendy and Rod were conceptual artists, it's impossible to ever really know what the hidden meaning is behind the album.


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