The Sabbath Stones cd cover

Black Sabbath

The Sabbath Stones

  1. Headless Cross
  2. When Death Calls
  3. Devil & Daughter
  4. The Sabbath Stones
  5. The Battle Of Tyr
  6. Odin's Court
  7. Valhalla
  8. TV Crimes
  9. Virtual Death
  10. Evil Eye
  11. Kiss Of Death
  12. Guilty As Hell
  13. Loser Gets It All
  14. Disturbing The Priest
  15. Heart Like A Wheel
  16. The Shining

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“Someone write me a letter. I need to know that I'm still alive. Someone give me a telephone call, I need to hear a human sound. Someone open up a door and let me out of this place. I've been caged up for oh so long I don't know if I'm living or dying.”
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